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Maxwell Lightning Protection Co.

» grounding systems


Maxwell Lightning Protection expands its knowledge from lightning protection systems to more sophisticated grounding systems. We specialize in the following fields of work:

  • » Signal Reference Grid (SRG) for Computer Floors
  • » Uffer Grounding Systems for Foundations
  • » Bus Bars and Halo Grounding Systems
  • » Static Grounding for Airports and Runways
  • » Tank Field and Railing Grounding
  • » Radio and T.V. Tower Grounding Systems
  • » Building Ground Loops (Counterpoise)
  • » XIT and Chemical Ground Rod Installations
  • » MIR Shielded Rooms
  • » Soil Resistivity Testing, Megger Testing, Ohm reading, Fall of Potential Testing
  • » Equipment Testing (Metal Counter Tops, ect.), Ground Testing Reports
  • » Metal Windows, Metal Doors, and Frame Grounding
  • » Rebar Grounding
  • » Transformer amd Switchgear Grounding Systems
  • » Fence Grounding, Security Gates/Fences
  • » Lightpoles and Lightpole Mast Grounding
  • » Manholes and Ductbank Grounding Systems
  • » Telephone, Electrical Room Grounding





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Before hiring an lightning protection company, verify that the installer is UL Listed. Call the Follow-Up Services department at UL's office:

333 Pfingsten Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
(847) 272-8800